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    Premiere flipping colors

      Hello my name is Brandon and I am new to the form but I have been working with Premiere since 4.0. I need some help. I do animation in True space 7.51 and I have come across a problem. I have a lap top a Hp dual core 2.6 64bit with 2 gigs of ram and a nivida 6150 video with windows Vista home premium. Hear is the problem, when I do animation in True space and then bring it in to Premiere CS3 the colors flip the back ground is suppose to be green but in Premiere it goes red or the negative of what ever color I chose this is only in an avi the still image does not do this. I have updated my drivers and all that. I was wondering if Premiere needs some sort of codac or some thing. I do not have this problem on my home editing system and this problem just started up. I even formatted and reinstalled the OS on the lap top. The AVIs are rendered in an uncompressed form. The strange thing is I can open the AVIs up in any other program I have like windows media player and even the movie maker, needless to say I do not want to do this. This problem is also in After effects but not in Bridge the other strange thing is when I import the avi and the import window opens, and I see the image of the avi it looks fine in the import windows but when it hits the project window that is when it starts looking massed up.
      Any help would be great.