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      I am

      when working on a project such as a Wedding or any other event where you have alot of short clips to deal with, I was wondering
      what is the best way deal with multi clips and getting them trimmed ready down into the time line

      normally what I do is capture the full DV tape using scene detect then afterwards come back to the computer and then load each clip into the source monitor by double clicking
      If I am doing say a wedding say the run up to the church part, then I may have anything up to 120 indivual clips that all, more or less need trimming off the fat, making them a shorter length.

      At the moment I am going through each clip manually double clicking each one from the bin, putting it into the source monitor, playing it through, marking the best in and out points, then sending it to the time line.

      Later after all the clips have been built up to the time line, I then go back through and decide where any transition are needed, mainly cross dissolves. I then put the cross dissolve in then have to manually ripple back each side 1/2 a second to avoid showing any unwanted frames during the transition, I wish there was an option to auto ripple the transition when added to avoid having to do this.

      Sometimes I start off by selecting all of my clips from the the bin the dragging the lot to the source monitor, then selecting each on from the drop down list, clip 01, clip 02, etc, then doing the mark in and out and send to the time line that way, however it still seems an awkward way, as I can't seem to find a keyboard short cut to select the next clip from the drop down list ready in the source monitor, a bit like ctrl and tab does in photoshop selects the next image to view in focus.

      I know one can load the clips into the source monitor, then mark the ins and outs then after processing all clips then do an automate to sequence which is what i do sometimes, the only prob comes for me is when I have a a long clip that I split into bits then send those bits to the time line, I know you can sub slip parts of a clip but then you loose the option of rippling the transition on them if you need a transition on any of the sub clips.

      So anyway, if you are still reading and not gotten to board with me alreay, I was wondering if I would be better spent time marking the in and outs on the source as I capture then batch capture just the clips ready to go, however I feel that this method would be more long winded again.

      so all in all I am wondering what methods you other guys use to speed the work flow up of putting many clips through the source monitor trimming the fat and building the time line up.

      Any advise is really appreciated on how to get a beter workflow and speed up my editing.

      Thanks for reading