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    PPro cs3 HD audio sync plus Errore to export uncompressed avi or to write a dvd in Encore


      I am reading this forums for few months already. I have found some of my problems in there too, i even solved some of them but i think now it is better to start my own topic.

      Platform i use: normal PC with windows XP. I have 4 gb RAM and almost 1900 GB (2 tera) so this is not a problem. The scratch disk are set in HD with a lot of space.

      I have moved from CS2 suite to CS3 Adobe Premier PRo Suite and i have problems: 35 hours of video recordings in HD that are out of sync.

      In the previous CS2 i did not had this problem. Here i have it. The out of sync audio sometimes goes to 1 minute sometimes to more. The only solution i can find for this problem is to find a software and extract the audio in wav and imported separately into the project.(SUPER was a software option in one of the forum i have read. Need advices.)

      All the HD videos that have the problem with audio sync where captured with CS3. I do however have other 5 hours of HD that were captured before with the CS2 and those do not have this audio sync problem. i have play the videos that have encountered the problem in cs3 with other media player and i do not have this audio sync there. From this i understand that the problem comes within the cs3, not with the tapes capture etc.

      Does anyone have another solution?

      1. Audio Sync problem - Project settings:

      Editing mode: HDV 1080i
      Timebase: 25.frames/second
      Frame size: 1440 x 1080 16:9
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: HD Anamorphic 1080(1.333)
      Fields : Upper Field First (... here i think i have a problem -should be lower field first!Is that so? )
      Display Format: 25fps
      Audio: Sample Rate: 48000Hz
      Display Format: Audio Samples
      Project Audio Format: 48000Hz -32 bit floating point - Stereo
      Source Audio Format: 48000Hz-compressed-Stereo

      2. Error to export uncompressed avi or to write a dvd in Encore.

      Another big big problem i have is that i have manage to finish a long trailer of 7 minutes in HD and i can not export it uncompressed in avi.

      Every time i try it i get to "Error Compiling the movie. Unknown Error".

      Last week i exported 40 minutes of HD uncompressed with no problem what so ever! The same with this piece until 3 days ago, but now it does not work any more. All together i think it gets to 56.Gb in the timeline and comparing it with the 40 minutes HD piece of video i did before it is not big. I did have added on the timeline 3 days ago a cartoon with the logo text, but it is done in simple way in photoshop. I wonder if this is not the problem here!?!

      If i send the video to Encore uncompressed i get another error every time i want to write a dvd there. So the video makes its transfer to Encore but there the nightmare starts: there were 3 so far situation i encountered when i was building a dvd: "sense code 52102" / "sense code 37303"/ "The instruction at 0x7c80979d referenced memory at 0x00300037. The memory could not be written."

      Video settings for exporting in avi uncompressed or Encore:

      Fyle type: Uncompressed Microsoft Avi,
      Compressor: 8-bit YUV(4:2:2 YUV),
      Color Depth: Millions of Color,
      Frame Size: 1440x1080,
      Frame Rate: 25fps,
      Pixel aspect ratio - either - DVCPRO HD (1.5) or HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333),
      Rendering Option: Bit Depth - Use Project Setting
      Audio: Uncompressed,48000Hz,16 bit, Stereo, Interleave: None

      In Encore i want to export the uncompressed avi in order to control the rate of compression better. i want to write the dvd but i do not wish to write it with blue ray, but to write it as a normal dvd. People do not have access to HD where i send it!

      I try to understand why i get those silly errors in Encore. Every time i try to change the settings to Mpeg 2 it automatically goes back to Blue Ray.Hmm.. i presume it is because the image is HD? But it should let me chose the way i want to export it from Encore, not only from PPro.

      In Premier Pro i find the compression too bad. In Quick Time -DV PAL compression-D1/DV PAL Wide the imag