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    Best .mov slideshow export settings and codecs

      I am trying to discover the best way to export a slideshow that has music and some special effects, to a movie file.

      I would like to preserve all quality as possible, and yet keep the file size real small.

      e.g. Apple Trailers - ever noticed that apple trailers are around 120-180MB at HD? Also, if you download an iTunes Movie rental...these films are 1.5-2.5 hours long, and they are around 1-1.50GB and they are excellent quality.

      I have a slideshow that I made, and the photos are 10.1 Megapixels. When I export the SlideShow, which is about 2 min long and using the .mov/Sorenson 3 codec, it comes out to about 417MB...the quicktime trailers aren't much shorter and they are HD at only 150MB!

      Anyone know how to get my .mov file smaller, preserving the video quality - like Apple Trailers???

      Thanks so much!