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    Cool Tools...

    shooternz Level 6
      Heres my list of 'Cool Tools'that I can not "live" without:

      Quicktime Pro
      P2 Forge
      Raylight Encoder Pro
      Adobe on Location
      AVS Video Converter
      Main Concept Encoder Pro
      DVCProHD Encoder

      and Plug-ins:
      MB 'LOOKS'
      Cycore FX

      and obviously:
      Premiere Pro CS3
      AEFX CS3
      PhotoShop CS3
      Encore CS3
      Adobe Media Encoder (except for QT)
      CorelDraw ('cos I dont know how to use Adobe Illustrator)

      External Drives - multi connector ,FAT format
      8/16gb USB Sticks

      and : other stuff....I will recall later....
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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          I use HDVSplit and Cineform Aspect HD along with my Production Studio CS3.

          I also use XML Wrench to help people fix their projects now and then.

          I just don't see a need for a lot of fancy plugins for effects.
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            shooternz Level 6
            I must reinstall Cineform Aspect HD to the new system (thanx for the reminder).

            I thought I had transferred or reinstalled them all and thats why I posted. I was surprised how many other tools I needed in my work.

            Plug ins - I agree with you Steven but there are some I just really need (like the ones mentioned). The rest are just "tools in the toolbox" required to deal with demands of client and system.