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    error with dvaworkspace.dll

      I installed premiere pro cs3 trial version in my pc and when I try to run the program, it shows me an error like this (the error is shown in portuguese, but I'll try to translate it to english):

      Unable to localize the procedure's start point
      ?IsSyncWindowActivationEnabled@OS_workspae@workspace@dvaworkspace@@UAE_NXZ in the dynamic link library dvaworkspace.dll

      ... and then comes another message:

      LoadLibraryEx startup.dll failed with error 127: Unable to find specified procedure.

      ... and then another one:

      The instruction in "0x7c911e58" made reference to memory in "0x00000000". The memory can't be "read.

      ... And then, the program shuts it self down.

      Does this ever happened to anybody here? What should I do?

      Best Regards,
      João Milliet