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    Wedding Audio Track

    mickkeay Level 1
      A friend is going to video his brothers wedding and dump the tape on me to edit. He will be using a sony FX1 (HDV) My question then: He has a little battery operated portable audio recorder to capture better sound (speeches and the band etc) onto an sd card. I first groaned but he asked me if he should record wav or mp3 (wav obviously) but the options are 16 or 24 bit and then sample rate of 24, 44,48,88 or 96k - so its obviously not a cheapo dictation machine. I said go 16 bit and 44.1k or better depending on time and card capacity. But then I got to thinking that I had read somewhere on the forums of problems with some audio rates? (couldnt find it) What shall I tell him - got no time to try it out cos he is miles away from me. Thanks Mike
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          shooternz Level 6
          It is doubtful that you will get the audio and video to synch (without a lot of extra work).

          Why not use the cameras audio?
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            Dag Norum Level 2
            If he's going to use the recorder, tell him to start each shot with a visible hand clap (for easier sync). Don't use 44.1k, it's better to use 48k if the end result is going to be DVD (of course 24b and 96k would be best, but fills up more of the card).

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              I'd use 16 bit 48k wav files myself.
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                mickkeay Level 1
                Thanks guys. I too said that the camera audio would probably be fine as long as he can get close enough - but he went to a rehearsal and thinks there could be a distance problem. Told him about the hand clap - thanks Dag (and I told him not to keep pausing the cam if he expects me to sync external audio) I am going to go with 16bit 48k wav as Jim suggested - he sent me a sample and it WAS superb audio - just hope he doesn't get carried away.

                On the subject of audio syncing, I used to have a little module that looked like an ordinary flash gun hotshoe but fired the flash on it in response to sound - a clap etc. finding the corresponding video frame was then a breeze - and you didn't need to look like a wally with a clapperboard. I lost it though