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    need FLV importer for CS3                                        got 64Bit Vista


      I have got 8GB RAM QUAD Core PC - WIndows Vista Business 64bit Adobe Premiere CS3 and need to import flash flv files into Premiere for editing e
      On my old PC where I had XP I used 3vixvfw but now that importer seems to not exist and I cant seem to find an alternative that does the same thing..tried one off the same 3vix site which didnt do the job and i had to reinstall premiere etc PLease let me know if there is a tried and tested converter/importer/plug-in that will enable me to simply import flv files?!!


      It would be good to also have an importer that gets dvd footage easily into premiere too, as currently im capturing using an avc converter and its less than ideal with no device control..if there are methods to overcome this Id be grateful to find-out as I remember in my last production company I was able to put dvd files through two programs/converter and skipped the capturing part?

      But the top issue is the one I need answers to most urgently!
      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.