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    Ideal Computer and Capture hardware for Premiere Pro CS3

      I'm working with Premiere Pro CS3 and want to build a new computer based on the AMD platform. I'm currently looking at the AMD Phenom 9850, AMD's newest Quad-Core processor. I'm looking at pairing it with 4GB of DDR2 1066 Memory, a 1GB PCI-E x16 Video card with 4 DVI and 1 HDMI outputs, 2TB SATA 3.0GBs 7200 RPM Hard drives in a striped/mirrored RAID array, all running on one of Gigabyte's newest AM2+ mobos. I'll be running XP Pro SP3. I think I've got the computer locked down, unless anyone's got some insight for me into the specs on it. Also, does Premiere Pro CS3 take advantage of Vista's 64-bit yet? I hate Vista with a passion, but if I'll get significant performance increase from it, then I'll make the migration.

      My big question is this: what's Adobe's recommended capture hardware? Budget isn't necessarily a consideration and I'd love something that's got HD-SDI BNC I/O in addition to the standard composite, YCrBr, and DV I/O. I'd also like something that has good pro-audio I/O integrated. Ideally something that would include multiple analog I/O via 1/4" or XLR as well as digital I/O via ADAT lightpipe and AES/EBU. BNC wordclock I/O would be nice too.

      Any recommendations? I'm fairly new to the video world, though I've been in the pro audio business for ten years.

      Thanks in advance!