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    Any way to create a "from scratch" Custom Preset?

      1) Since the Mac version can NOT write HDV to tape, my only output of will be HD MPEG-2 movies.

      2) I will be importing Full HD (1920x1080) MPEG-2 files.

      3) Thus, I want to define a REAL Custom Preset by starting from scratch: MPEG-2 codec, 1920x1080, Sq. Pixels, 27Mbps, etc.

      But, Premiere's idea of "Custom" for HD forces you to choose between DV and HDV.

      Is there any way to either create a "from scratch" Custom Preset or to force the HDV preset to be 1920x1080.

      (And yes, I'm aware HDV is defined as 1440x1080.)

      PS: How can Adobe not support output to HDV on Windows but not Mac? Apple supplies the software need to write a file to an HDV device. Premiere is not really "back on the Mac."