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    Capture video window has block artifacts

    Tayedrummer Level 1
      When capturing I have three sections of the capture preview screen that have jittery blocks of yellow, cyan, magenta where live video should be. The captured video all looks fine but the preview window has these blocks that is making finding a good take really tough. Anyone have any ideas on what is causing it and what can be done to get rid of it?

      Thanks in advance

      Premiere Pro CS3 v3.2.0
      Windows XP SP2
      Intel Duo Core E6850 @ 3Ghz
      4Gb RAM
      tons of storage
      nVidia 8800GTX
      Sony DSR-11 DVCam VTR connected via firewire to firewire port on Soundblaster X-FI soundcard
      Footage played back is DVCam