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    WMV Import/Export Issues (Odd Resulting Video)

      Hello all,

      I've been plagued with a problem that has had me scratching my head for days now. My scenario is I need to create a number of short slideshows. I've been using PhotoStory 3 to create the basic slideshow, then importing the video from PS to Premiere to add a voiceover. The problem is when I import the video slideshow, when I play the video on Premiere's timeline some parts of the video have been dropped (i.e. one picture will start fading to the next, and the video will suddenly go black for a few seconds, then fade to the next picture) and some of the fade transitions in-between pictures have been abruptly cut short.

      What's even weider is that deleting the video from Premiere, shutting Premiere down and then restarting it and re-importing the slideshow sometimes fixes the problem. Sometimes it introduces different missing video segments; sometimes there are more problems than before.

      When (by simple luck) the video plays properly on Premiere's timeline, I've tried to export the video as a WMV. The result is more black segments and skipped transitions. I also tried rendering the same as a DV file, which fixed everything except one black segment. On another occasion, I managed to render one slideshow as a WMV with no issues at all. But only once, and after a number of failed attempts.

      What should I do? Any WMV file not from Photostory imports and exports just fine. I tried using Premiere's slideshow capabilities (automate to timeline), but the pan/zooming is far too manual. Encore does the job great, but it can't export to anything other than DVD (I need WMV!). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Specs: Dell XPS 410, 2.66 GHz w/ dual core processors, 4 gigs RAM, Vista Home Premium
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          If you want to stick with PhotoStory, export out as a DV file for import into Premiere. My guess is that it's the current format that's causing you grief.

          Otherwise, it may be time to hunker down and manually do the whole thing in Premiere.
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            I would more than gladly export DV from Photostory if I could. However, the program is quite basic and only allows export in WMV format.

            As for switching to Premiere, I might have to do that--but oy vey, that would take a long time. Photostory automatically adds random zooms and pans, all of which can be quite easily changed depending on preference. I'm not even completely solid on Photostory--any application that speeds up the process would be a wonderful asset. I simply have difficulty believing a $800 editing system cannot properly handle a standard video file type.
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              WMV is hardly a standard source format for editing. It's largely designed for playback only.
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                Well, I suppose that answers my question. Until I have some other method, I'll have to use Encore's slideshow abilities by importing its render files and arranging them all along the timeline. A long way to do it, but at least it gets the job done. Thanks for the help, Jim!

                Anybody else have any ideas?
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                  Colin Brougham Level 6
                  Though I would never suggest it for any real kind of work, you might consider opening the resulting WMV in Windows Movie Maker, and exporting to a DV-AVI from there. Actually, I've found WMM to be particularly well suited to this task. Use the highest-quality WMV export you can muster from Photo Story, bring it into WMM, and then go through the "Finish Movie" steps. There's a radio button you can select during the export process to select some otherwise hidden export options, namely NTSC DV.

                  You might have to experiment with whether it works better to export at 800x600, or at 640x480. I think the latter option will net you a proper export from WMM once a 0.9 PAR is applied... but test with a few short clips until you get what you want.
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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    Just a caution, Windows Movie Maker produces only Type 1 AVI files, and Premiere needs Type 2.
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                      Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                      I would avoid the conversion to DV and then to mpeg. If you really need to edit the video, then do not use Photostory.

                      If you are leaving the video from Photostory alone, why not do the voiceover in Photostory? Or do some kind of conversion of the video so you can play it in PPro and do the voiceover (such as Colin's method, and even leaving the type1 if it plays evenly), but use the wmv in encore. It is far from ideal, but a Photostory export (wmv, use settings for DVD) looked pretty good. (I don't actually remember whether I did the transcode in Encore or DVDIt.)

                      I would not do my own slideshow in Photostory with only wmv for export, but for the school musical I was doing, it was the Photostory slideshow done by the school for a DVD "bonus" or nothing.