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    Old chestnut ? IMAGE PAN

      Hi all - just joined the forum today and would appreciate some help from teh great the good and the wise who live here.

      I've used Premiere 6.0 for some time now and recently downloaded the CS3 trial.

      One of the features that I like most in 6 is the video/transform/ImagePan effect. All I have to do is create a series of keyframes. Each keyframe defines a section of the clip using a bounding box. Hey presto! I have a clip with pan and zoom effects. Perhaps not everybody's cup of tea but I like it.

      I've tried to replicate this with the Motion effect without success.

      Also I've spent most of yesterday and today on the web, including this forum, trying to find out whether there is a CS3 equivalent but no joy so far.

      The closest I've come is the StageTools MovPix plug-in.

      Do any of you more senior members know whether I can produce the equivalent effect in CS3 as easily as it is in 6.0?

      I'll upgrade to CS3 eventually but don't want to lose some of my favorite effects or go through a steep learning curve...I 'aint that bright!