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    Project Manager

      I'm at the end of my workflow and I'm attempting to use Project manager to gather up all the media I have used from various locations etc... A fairlt typical practice I assume.

      It works great fo the pix and audio; but i don't understand the video treament. Instead of just making copies of the potion of t5he media I am using (between the vation in and out points) it makes multiple copies of the 12 gig hour long media and renames each one to match the supclip name. Of course the result is a monsterous Project archive directory. What am I missing?

      Thanks in advance. I am using PP CS3 and the most recent patches.
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          Hmmm Well, I don't want to breach etiquette by nagging... but I really would love some help on this. Any ideas?

          Thanks in advance.
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            Jeff Bellune Level 5
            Is your media MPEG of any flavor? If so, PM won't trim it because of the temporal compression.
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              I never use the Project Manager myself, so can't really help.
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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I use project manager periodically, and have not had problems. I think I use the more typical work flow described by users in this forum, in which media are kept organized on the same drive(s). (I.e. they are already collected when a project is archived.) Also, perhaps because subclips from long master clips caused problems in the past, subclips are often avoided.

                In any event, I experimented with your scenario.

                You refer to "subclips" - and appear to have a 12 gig master clip?

                I get the same results you do: a subclip is "collected" by creating a master clip for each subclip. My test project that was about 3Gigs becomes almost 6. If I then use project manager to trim the project, I get a very small size, because my two subclips were very small. In other words, you need to collect in one step and trim in the next. But your subclips would create a massive project size for the intermediate step. (12 Gig times, arbitrarily, 30subclips would give you 360 gig project?)

                Before I discovered that, I converted the subclips to master clips. The clip instances in the timeline were okay, but the subclips-become-master clips were full sized (no trimmed in/out points). But collecting this project with project manager created only 1 full sized media file, so the collected project was the same size as my original project. (Don't know why.) Trimming this project produced the same result as trimming the large, multifile collected project.

                But you can't batch convert multiple subclips, so if you have a lot of subclips, I don't think there is a good method to do what you are attempting.
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                  Thanks all,

                  Stanley, I just want to make sure i understand: Basically, I can select each subclip on the timeline individually and select "convert to master clip" and the re-run Project manager?

                  Although the project is fairly large, if that works, that would be a viable solution even though it would take a while. I just want to make sure I followed you coorectly.
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                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    I was just playing, so if I were you, I'd create a test project and see what happens. But yes, I think you described the process I tried correctly.
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                      Well, It took me a while to get around to actually trying it... I'm sad to report that it didn't work. I wen through every clip and "Converted to master Clip". No go. When I go into Project manager, it still estimates 500 gigs of disk space to backup this project which implies it's making multiple copies of the sources files still...I don't get it.

                      If anyone has any other ideas... I'd love to hear them. As of now, I have know way to archive this project.