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    16:9 media not filling the 16:9 frame

      I'm cutting a reel comprised of 16:9 QT files and anamorphic DVCam material. When I started the project I used the "DV-NTSC Widescreen 48kHz" preset. The anamorphic material that I captured off DVCam conforms fine to the frame when I INTERPRET FOOTAGE/CONFORM TO/D1-DV NTSC WIDESCREEN (1.2) but the widescreen QT files I import don't quite fill the frame horizontally and leave thin black vertical bars on each side of the screen. I've tried conforming the clips to every option Premiere offers without success. Any suggestions from the PPCS3 guru's?

      Here are some small sample clips that I'm working with:
      QT import: http://www.paulsteinberg.tv/video/WYC_OPEN_sm2.mov
      DVCam capture: http://www.paulsteinberg.tv/video/RAW_Bollywood.avi