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    Multi-Cam Editing Question

      Hi All,

      I have a relatively simple question. I'm using Premiere Pro CS3 and am doing a multi-camera edit. I really like it and it is really easy to use. However, whenever I stop playback while editing, it creates a break in the timeline at the stop point. Is there any way to turn that off? Most of the time I stop to go back fix an error I made.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          There's no way to turn it off. For best workflow, go all the way through making the multicamera cuts, and then go through again in the standard sequence for tweaks.
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            Right, but most of the time I stop so I can mark an error in my camera switching, like staying on a shot too long and the camera jerks in one direction. Can I put markers on the timeline when I'm in multi-camera playback mode?
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              I have an additonal questions regarding the muli-camera edit...

              My first attempt at the target sequence thing went great editing together the first two tapes of a day long seminar. However, now that I'm trying to add to the edit, only the original target sequence will show up in the multi camera monitor. I still get audio from the additional clips added to the edit, but no video except for that from the first target sequence...I even tried adding additional clips to the tail end of the original sequence but still no dice...any tips anyone??

              If this makes no sense, please feel free to let me know. Feel free to reply to my email at bksop02@gmail.com

              Ryan Kehn
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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Follow Jim's suggestion and consider the rolling edit tool for tweaks. I find that it works very well. Your biggest problem is if you have left the shot out that you want. (E.g. 3 camera edit, or in a 2 camera edit, you want to go back and add camera 2 in a stretch that you kept only camera 1.)

                You can eliminate the break if you back up the CTI in the multicam output sequence, open the multicam monitor, click the record button, and play. As long as you select a different camera before you get to the break, it will be eliminated. If not, what difference does it make? In the multicam sequence an extra cut makes no difference. If you don't like it, delete the clip after the break and drag out the clip before.

                I can't get these edits to mess up right now, but in the past, I recall getting odd results doing heavy editing of the multicam sequence and going back to work in the multicam monitor. Generally I use Jim's method.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  >Can I put markers on the timeline when I'm in multi-camera playback mode?

                  Don't know. Try it and see.

                  However, if you go through the sequence twice, once in multicamera mode for rough cuts and again in regular sequence mode for fine tuning, you won't really need the markers as you'll be watching every edit to make sure it's exactly where you want it.
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                    Ryan - Sorry, not sure why that is happening with you. Maybe you can take the original multi-cam sequence and put in a new sequence with the new footage and use that as the main multi-cam sequence. Make sense?

                    Stanley - That's a good idea to move the CTI. I just want my sequences to be nice and clean so I can tell easily what is going on (I'm a bit of a perfectionist)

                    Jim - I was trying to avoid having to go back through, but I probably end up going back through anyways. I do use the roll tool which makes life a lot easier though.

                    Thanks for all the responses!
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                      Phil Griffith Level 2
                      sorry, I can't see doing a multi cam edit one time and trust that it's exactly right without going back and checking everything once more.
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                        Jim_Simon Level 8
                        Agreed. I just find it far easier to go back over it in the normal sequence view, using the rolling edit tool, than to try and tweak in the multicamera monitor view.