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    Premiere Pro Project File Damaged, Cannot Open!

      someone accidentally rebooted my computer while Premiere was still running on an active project. After rebooting, the project file could not be openned with a message saying it is damaged.

      i tried loading the the .prproj file into an XML editor and had it checked. the problem is that it seems the last 40% of content is gone. i know that because when i opened it with notepad, the last 40% lines are blank lines. also, when i put an ending tag to the last available line and saved it as a new file, the file size shrinked to about 60% of its orginal size.

      Could anyone help me with this? is it possible to view the blank lines? i don't have any auto save files...and this is a project 4 editors had spent hundreds of hours working on...really wouldn't be effiecient to start over and the deadline of the video is one week away.

      help please.i thank you so much in advance!