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    Workflow with HD

      I am trying to streamline my workflow for HD and was hoping someone could help.

      With DV I was using Scenalyzer to catalog and create In and Out points. This software would create a reduced size and quality version of the video and allow me to easily create In and Out points along with a batch file I would use in Premier 2.0 to capture the pieces of video I wanted. Scenalyzer has not and may not upgrade to HD and trying to use Premier for this task is clumsy at best (unless I dont know of a solution).

      Can people let me know what they use to quickly scan a tape, Create a manageable catalog (reduced quality version) and select in and out point for selected scenes that I could capture in Premier.

      Thanks for any help!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Weird workflow for DV material if I understand you correctly. Using Scenalyzer and then PP for capture??
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            Not too Weird, at lest for me:
            1) Shoot Video
            2) Run Scenalyzer to create and Index (index/catalog is a reduce size capture of the tape). Turns out to be about a 100meg file for a 60min tape.
            3) Through Scenalyzer select the scenes that I want and create a batch file for Premier. With my video work, usually only 20% of the tape ever makes it into editing.
            4) Feed the batch file into Premier and do the full capture for the scenes I want.
            5) Start editing.

            This process has:
            Reduced disk space requirements for me and gives me an index/catalog file I can always go back to if I need other scenes from the tape.
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              I am not aware of a program to do that. An alternative might be to improve your shooting skills, so you can use more material for editing and then use HDVSplit.
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                As harm suggests you can use HDV split to split the files then import them all into Premiere.

                Select the ones you want put the m on the timeline and "remove unused" clips from project manager and you're done.