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    Dumping Premier movie into VHS tape

      I am making a premier movie... but I need to export it onto a VHS tape..

      I don't have a capture card, etc... but I do have a digital movie camera with a hard drive...

      Is it possible to export my premier movie to MPEG and dump my movie down to my video camera... then connect my video camera to the VCR and record it to tape?

      Any help would be GREAT!
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Normally this is done by hooking up your DV camera to the computer via Firewire, and then hooking up the VCR to the camera using the analog video and audio connections.

          I don't know if your camera will work in that capacity, though.
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            can you explain Fire Wire? Is this like USB?
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              Honestly, Shauna, if you have to ask that question, you're not ready to edit.

              I suggest a through education on the basics of video first. Many high schools are now offering such courses (if you're young enough). Some colleges will offer adult education classes if your older. I went to a trade school after high school myself.

              At the very least, check your local library for some books on the subject of digital video.

              Barring that, well, we professionals exist for the sole purpose of helping out folks such as yourself who really don't know how to make videos. (Of course, we usually require some kind of payment for our services.)
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                Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                If you have a MiniDV camera, it has a firewire port. Yes, it is kind of like USB but different enough that your PC needs to have a dedicated firewire (IEEE 1394) port.
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                  Thanks, Steven, for the decent reply :)

                  Been a while since I have dealt with video and my system doesn't have the bells and whistles it used to for what video is doing these days.

                  However, my camera can dump movies to my PC via USB... therefore... I can simply use this and still connect VHS recorder to camera as well...
                  I think I'm good to go!
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    One option would be to use a dual-deck (DVD <-> VHS). If a friend doesn't have one handy, they are very inexpensive. You can burn your Project to DVD, pop it into the DVD side and transfer to VHS. I have a US$149 Panosonic, that does a nice job, however I use it almost exclusively for going the other route - client's VHS tapes to DVD (for backup), then through a capture card to AVI for work in Premiere. Since my unit is ~ 3 years old, I'd guess that the price has come down and the quality has gone up. I was blown away with how well this cheapo deck performed, even against some esoteric high-end gear of only 10 years back.

                    As Steven stated, a mini-DVD (tape) camera should work fine, if you can borrow one of those. It does need to have a FireWire connection, and the necessary cable. Do not know about your HDD vid-cam though.

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                      Who needs VHS? Does anybody even still have a VHS deck? Burning it to DVD is so much simpler for both you and the client who can view it on any DVD player, including his own.