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    Accelerated GPU Effects - poor performance over CS2...

      System Specs

      Vista 64
      E6600 over clocked @ 3.0 GHz
      4 GB System Ram DDR2 @ 667
      Intel 975xBx Bad Axe Motherboard
      ATI 1650 PCIx 512MB

      2 SATA on the Intel Ich7 SATA Controller that give like 1.5Gbs transfer or something close to
      1 Maxtor one Touch RAID 1 @ 2 x 750GB
      1 IDE to SATA Maxtor 250gigs on the silicon Image SATA Raid Controller


      I am getting crappy real-time Playback in a SD DV (NTSC) timeline with Accelerated GPU Effects enabled. In Ppro 2.0 I would get much better playback. I could throw a DV file with a couple of uncompressed + Alpha DV CG layers on top and get great real-time playback. What happened. Do I need to upgrade my graphics card now that I made the switch to 3.0? or is it just a bug that will get fixed with a update soon? If it is my card what s good ATI card that will give me similar results like I experienced in Ppro 2.0.