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    crashing when importing.

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      hello there.

      Well, as the title says it crashes when i try to import a file.
      at first i thought it might be a problem with the files but i´ve tried with other kind of files, sizes, and things like that and it still crashes.

      It´s not like i´m trying with some weird files or anything... i´m just using .wmv and .avi files... sometimes i succed in importing but most of the time... well i think you get the picture.

      It´s not like it´s the first time it happens but this is becoming more and more frequent.

      My computer is a dual core with almost 4gb of ram so i don´t think is my computer either so... any sugestions?

      Any help is most apreciated.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Premiere has a tendency to work best with DV media you shot yourself using a tape based MiniDV camera. With any other kind of video, there could be issues. Some may work, other may not. It's very possible that the media you're using is the problem.
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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            Please provide these details to help us help you.


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              1. The codecs used in your source clips

              defaults and klite codec pack. i´ve not added any others due to bad past experiences.

              2. Version of Premiere Pro, including updates

              Cs3... obviously.

              3. Operating System, including update/patch level and installed language (Very important if not English!)

              Windows Xp profesional 2002, service pack 2

              4. CPU type and speed

              Intel core duo - E4500 - 2,20 GHz

              5. Amount of memory (RAM)

              3,25 GB of ram.

              6. Video card manufacturer, model and driver version

              PCIE 3850 ati

              7. Number of monitors (displays) in use


              8. Audio card manufacturer, model and driver version

              can´t remember...

              9. Each hard drive's capacity and space remaining

              2 of 300 GB... not even 50GB in use.

              10. Hardware capture device manufacturer, model and driver version number

              none... yet.

              11. Capture software name, company and version

              idem 10.

              12. Comprehensive list of third-party plug-ins you installed.

              no plug-ins installed yet... i was going to install some for AE but this issue keeped me from doing so.

              13. Exact text of any error messages

              non when it crashes... though i remember an early error related to the video card. never affected my work until now... could that be it?

              14. Explain clearly what you want to do, what you are doing and what the result is

              as said on my first post... just trying to import wmv and avi files...
              Since the kind and size of the files varies there is the posibility that is not the same problem every time.
              I´ve tried pre-editing some files to import smaller files and succeded some times.
              Some other programs like sony vegas experienced similar errors when the file size was too big... so i think at least one of the errors is related to the size.

              Also i´ve played the files on visualization programs to check if there is a corrupted file... so far all of them work just fine... however i can´t rewind or ff some of the .wmv...

              Other than that i don´t know what elase to do... maybe i´m lacking programs, codecs or something.

              hope, for my sake, that this was usefull.
              thanks again.
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                Harm Millaard Level 7
                1. Remove K-lite and avoid anything like that as the plague.
                2. Updated to 3.2?
                3. Update to SP3
                14. Try without WMV, they are not suitable for editing.

                What codec for the AVI, project settings, etc.?
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                  2. i think... not realy sure though...
                  3. i will

                  project settings and codecs are all standards and defaults for Dv-ntsc 48 khz i think... i just use premiere, AF and vegas on this pc so there is nothing elase on it besides that.

                  i´ve got a new error now... it seems like i can´t export files... the diference between this error and the previous one is that this time i do get a "premiere is malfunctioning" sign... then it crashes. (note that the previous error still persist as well)

                  I knew this program used to crash a lot... but i always figured it was that my pc was a pice of crap... i hoped to solve that by buying a new pc and updating to Cs3 but it lookd worst than ever.
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                    i got this message now too...

                    "out of memory" and "running low on memory,that I should save the project and proceed with caution." so i searched and found this..


                    i´ve yet to try the second option...
                    The first one is not it since i got this error while just trying to export some titles files.
                    Also as i said i have like 3.25 GB of ram so that can´t be either.

                    i´m starting to think that since i´m getting this many errors it could be an instalation problem or something like that.
                    I got a 6.5 ver and a pro ver too (not installed)... so i´m thinking on going back to one of those or to re-install the Cs3 i have but i would realy like to understand if the problems are related or something? i mean... low memory on edition software always cause a crash or two.

                    Any ideas, theories or advice?
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                      Harm Millaard Level 7
                      I'll repeat the question:
                      b What codec is used in your AVI?
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                        sorry... i knew i was forgetting something.
                        Well most of the files are:

                        Video: XVID 640x272 25.00fps 1088Kbps
                        Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 158Kbps

                        i never used to have any problems with this before so i haven´t tryied changing them...
                        i realy do hope this might be the source of my problems... changing codecs is easy enought.

                        Is there an special suitable codec for working on premiere?
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                          Harm Millaard Level 7
                          Wrong format. Convert to DV AVI type 2 and WAV. The result will be disappointing with such an odd resolution. It just is not suitable for editing. Better use material captured from a regular DV camera, that records to tape.
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                            i´m gonna try that now.

                            Hope this is it.