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    Off line clips; disappearing audio; and disappearing previews

      My main computer has been in the shop for 2 weeks, so I have been using a laptop (dual core, 1.5 gig ram and with XP). It has a single partition with 30% free space (with most video clips stored on a removable hard drive). I have not yet downloaded the upgrade for CS3.

      I have encountered 3 major problems with Cs3 on this computer that hasnt existed on my other computer. Every time I reload the project, the previews disappear from the timeline -but they are still in the preview folder; and I need to re render. The two clips that are overlaid on other clips immediately go off line; but they reappear when moving the clips away from their position and back again. Now in new problem today, some of the audio has mysteriously disappeared when previewing in real time. The audio woks, but not when real time previewing. (The audio worked fine yesterday.)

      Any suggestions?