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    Hi, I need major help!

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      I've been having trouble with CS3 for the first time, but it's a big one that doesn't seem to go away. First it was CS3 crashing whilst loading at composite.aex or something similar. I moved Adobe from My Documents, and that worked. I just open up projects from a different place now.

      Since then I can't seem to export my videos in any format or compression. I have done so with one project without problems before the constant crashing, but now it just doesn't even get past frame 940 without telling me "error compiling movie". Doesn't even give a reason, I've tried to reinstall, tried other compressions. The only one that may work is to have it made uncompressed, but it usually ends up low on memory even though I checked for it to be optimized for memory in the preference. So far it's a 9 min complex video... and I tried to export it with deletion to many clips, but shouldn't be necessary since it was exported fine before.

      What seems to be the problem???
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          I really do not know what else to put... I'm new here as you can tell, what detail do you need?
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            Harm Millaard Level 7
            Click the link in #1, read carefully and supply details as requested.
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              Ok, sorry I missed that one...

              I am running Vista 32 bit with 3 gigs of ram
              Nvidia 8800GTS 512MB Graphics Card
              1.6Ghz Core 2 Duo

              It's just whenever I try to export this one project, I cannot get it to complete. I'm dumbfounded as to why it is constantly telling me "error compiling movie". It has taken me weeks to put this video together in a very precise manner, but now my energy and effort looks like it may have fallen to pieces. I'm on the verge of just quiting. It has been like this for the past week, everyday I've taken about 3 hours to try to figure it out, but nothing so far...
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                Harm Millaard Level 7
                Source material, project settings, driver versions, disk setup, etc.?
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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                  Try using the workarea bar over certain shorter areas of the timeline until you find out what exports and what doesn't. You may have a problem with some footage on your timeline and you just need to find it.
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                    The source shouldn't really matter in this case, since I was able to make it work before... I am looking more into the preference as I am somewhat of a noob to CS3. I see two events that have compounded. Desktop Display Mode has been reset because the video card returned an error. It is basically asking me to reset my desktop display mode setting in the playback settings dialog. How would I do that?

                    Sorry, Ham... I'm not really sure on how to get the rest... uinless you mean the project is trying to export as Microsoft DV AVI. The display is at 720 x 480 for this project. Compressor is DV NTSC. Hope this helps.

                    EDIT: I'm not really sure how to check for what exports and what doesn't. Could you explain in detail? Much appriciated.
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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      Are you using the latest nVidia drivers? Are you using 1 or 2 monitors? What is your disk setup? Are you using 3.2? What happens at frame 940 in the program monitor? Please give more details. We are not mind readers.
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                        Yes, I am using the latest nVidia drivers. One monitor and I have about 63gb free in my 220gb HD. As soon as it hits frame 940 or somewhere around there, an error msg pops up with error compiling movie. Sometimes it does it at around 450.. strange? I think so. I have exported the same movie before... why can't I do it again? Sometimes when I change the compression, the same error is instant.
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                          Harm Millaard Level 7
                          Looks like either there is corruption in your project, or an error between your chair and the keyboard, or your system can't handle the data as quickly as needed.

                          The first you can try to solve by creating a new project and importing the existing one into it.

                          The second requires a more detailed description of your actions. For instance changing the compression should not be used when exporting movie.

                          The third possibility may be caused by using only one disk, when three are suggested, or by processes running, or a number of other things.
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                            SAME PROBLEM!
                            I'm having the same problem with CS3 using a Mac Pro 2.8GHz Quad Core Xeon with 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB graphics card, two monitors, 3 Hard drives (500GB System HD, 1TB Project HD and 1TB HD for footage). And I've been using Premiere since 6.0.
                            The footage is XDCAM HD from a Sony EX1, I have 4 timelines with seperate training videos from the same project, each timeline is less than one hour. Three of the timelines exported to movie fine, the remaining timeline locks up half way through rendering with a message "error compiling movie, out of memory"
                            Does anyone have a fix or idea whats causing the problem?