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    Audio present in exported AVI form, dissappears with export to DVD (HELP!)

      Hi, I have this incredibly strange audio problem that I can't figure out.

      Basically, my audio works fine in Premiere, and in whatever form it is exported in. As soon as that file is uploaded to either youtube or burned to a disc in dvd video form, I almost completely lose my sound. There is a little bit of audio present, but mostly in the form of a very low buzz. If I crank the sound to the maximum, I can just barely hear dialogue, but there is almost no way to distinguish what is being said.

      The following can help narrow things down:

      PC Specs:
      Vista 64 bit
      Intel Quadcore 2.4ghz
      4gb RAM
      8800GTS 512mb
      Onboard Audio

      I recently wrapped up on a short film in which we shot on a Sony HDR-FX1 camera. We used an audio-technica shotgun mic and a separate wired mic. The wired mic works fine when put on a dvd, but the audio picked up by the shotgun mic does not. The onboard microphone works as well. In one particular instance, we used a different Panasonic camera in combination with the shotgun mic. THIS specific audio works fine on the DVD. Remember that all of the audio plays back perfectly in Premiere, Encore, and in any exported video/audio format.

      Things I've tried, with no avail:
      - Turning dB up to an absurd amount
      - Exporting solely audio, then brining it back onto the timeline
      - Exporting in various video formats, i.e flash, quicktime, etc.
      - Exporting with various audio setups (though not everything)

      What is going on here? I have to have this footage prepped by Thursday, and this audio problem is posing a serious problem. If you need ANY more information, let me know. I'd appreciate any and all help. Thank you!