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    A fault in importing mpeg2 videos

      Hey guys,

      I've got a Sony SR35E camcoder, which saves the video data in mpeg II format (.mpg). The problem occurs when importing the videos from hard drive. There is a red frame added at the end (or occasionally a few seconds before the end) of each clip. I've tried to playback the clips on VLC and I can see no red flashes like this one after importing, so the original data seems to be fine. One more thing, which I had done before importing the clips was copying "ad2mcac3dec.dll" from adobe encore to premiere's folder in order to make the sound work (there was no sound before in the videos). Here's a screen, what I get:


      Is there anything I should try ? I have created a sequence, which I don't want to change, but it seems that I will have to re-add the clips again with some other options. Thank you for your kind help.