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    Why is PP CS 3 worse than Premiere Pro 1.0?  Please help

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      I have just bought the CS3 Master Collection. With PP 1.0 I could add a transition beetween two clips, apply the proc amp filter for color correction and even add a title with motion. In highest quality RT mode it would look very good on the NTSC monitor. It actually looked as good as it would fully rendered. Now if I apply any color correction filter I get pixilated artifacts when there is movement (a person waving there hands). Even if I add a simple title the video below the title looks awful. RT previews used to look very clean in the NTSC monitor. Could the CS3 bundles have a serious bug in them? I have thought of everything and can not get PP CS3 to work half as good as version 1.0. What gives? Any info would help.