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    Are you Listening ADOBE CORP?

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      This is good to hear ... and if ADOBE does occasion these forums, I owe, and give, them a sincere apology for any complaints I have previously posted re this. But common courtesy bids that they let us KNOW they read these forums by an occasional post. Even if they say "HEY GUYS WE ARE READING YOUR POSTS AND CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS -- ADOBE CORPORATION."

      I'm sure if we all had certainty that THEY were reading, we would post an even higher level of comments so that things could really get handled faster. I know I would. I would complain less and work the problem more. Feeling that no one is listening does not give as much relief to the frustrations connected with this highly complex editing software/hardware, thus frustrations get mixed in and no one benefits as much as they could.

      Did you hear this ADOBE?

      James Jaeger
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          I think any blatant post by an Adobe employee, even one as seemingly innocuous as you suggest, would only encourage users to scream for more free tech support.
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            If I were the CEO of the ADOBE CORPORATION instead of the CEO of MATRIXX ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION (which I happen to have the pleasure to serve), I would, amongst my thousands of well-paid employees, have several of the knowledgeable frequent and prolific posters to these fora on the company payroll. Many of you post answers here all the time AND use the products. Thus YOUR "technical support" is actually more valid than the technical support supplied by ADOBE because I am willing to bet these guys ARE NOT editors. ONLY a professional editor who is actively USING the product REALLY knows what's happening with the product and whether it serves the needs of the professional.

            If I am wrong about this, I would like to see the ADOBE corp. give me the resumes of its technical support people. I bet few, if any of them, have any sort of experience actually cutting Hollywood features or New York TV spots, or Philadelphia industrials or History Channel documentaries.

            On the other hand I bet many of you on this forum ARE professional editors who are in a sense desperate to get your problems solved because you love editing and the Premiere software is ONLY a means to an end. Therefore if I was the CEO of ADOBE I would hire some of you to sit here and answer questions and I would pay you at least $75,000 to do nothing but: A) continue editing and B) posting your experiences and tips for ADOBE customers and the software developers. I would require the software developers and the marketing people to spend at least 3 - 6 hours a week sitting here and reading these posts.

            If ADOBE was doing the above, I bet things would snap crackle and pop even more for them and their products. I bet each version would bug-free and innovative and soon more of the professional market would migrate to these products.

            James Jaeger
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              >I would...have several of the knowledgeable frequent and prolific posters to these fora on the company payroll.

              Dude, if you can get me a weekly check from Adobe, who am I to complain? I won't be spending that money just yet, though.