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    Where's the sound and music?

    Level 1
      When I place the clip/music onto the time line, the sound works fine, but then when I save and exit out of the program and reenter... the music and all the sound is missing. Even though the file is clearly there. When I copy the file over the ones on the time line, it works again... but it is really tedious. I hate to reedit everytime I start working on it. When I click on the music or sound files on the time line, the sequence shows no sign of any sound on the effects window, even though the same file on the left window shows that there is. What's going on, and how can I fix this annoying issue? Everything in CS3 is starting to fall apart on me, and I have no idea why. All of the sound is basically gone, including the ones that belong to the video clips. I can see the file on the time line, I just cannot hear it from there. I can only hear it if I play it from the file list on the left window. I cannot hear any sounds on the time line, any solutions?

      I have 1.6ghz Core2Duo
      60gb free on a 220gb HD
      8800GTS 512MB
      3gig RAM