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    First Video Eidting Attempt

      Hello all,

      I got my new PC today and bought the Adobe Production Premium suite, and installed it. No problem there (thank God).

      My first task is to create a kind of marketing video (for online purposes). Towards that end, I've shot some test shots using my Canon XH A1 (Another new two I'm still figuring out).

      This is my very first video (shooting a video) as well as my very first attempt at editing video, so be warned :) I've put a Flash video version online at the url below. The file is 20MB in size.


      The idea is to shoot the interviews using a green screen (due to the lack of depth/space in my office/basement). Essentially I'll be faking the backdrop to be a very soft focus spacious (well decorated) office. But for now the shots have another background.

      I'd appreciate any critisism.


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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          Be careful with your audio. When I turned it to a comfortable level for the music, the voice was too low. Balance it out.

          Also, watch out for those jump cuts during an interview. Perhaps a transition to show that time passed or a quick jump to something else and then back.
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            When you say the "voice was too low" does that mean the voice was being drowned out by the music? Meaning I should lower the volume of the music?

            Yes, in one place, it was actually mean to be one take, but I didn't really have a take that was useable, so I cut the first part from one take and the second part from another take.

            Thanks for your feedback and suggestion?

            I don't quite like the lighting. I'm trying to get a soft warm look. How would I go about achieving this? Will a broad source of light (A large softbox or beauty dish) do the trick?
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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              The volume of the music didn't drown out the voice, but the voice was much lower than the surrounding music. Mske it all peak at around -6dB and you will be better off.

              Those cuts happen to everyone now and then. Use a quick circular wipe like a clock to indicate passage of time.
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                Curt Wrigley Level 4
                I prefer to hide the jump cuts with B roll. Any jump even with a transition is usually distracting. But Broll over the cut (purposeful B roll) makes it completely invisible.

                I know this isnt your final version. For the first draft it is excellent! But, I was not clear on the purpose or value of the footage in between the interview dialog. If they are sw screen shots, its isnt obvious. Instead of long interludes of this; let her talk over some of it. It will quicken the pace and make it more interesting.

                For a softer/warmer lighting look; Do as much of it with lights as possible (if you can re-shoot) Google for 3 point lighting system. Use a softbox for the main light for a soft even light. If you dont have a softbox, reflect a light off a white board, sheet, foam. A subtle tint towards red in post (or with jells on the lights) will warm it up. Dont over do it though.

                Nice start!

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  The first thing I noticed was that the letters in the beginning were too dark, never clearly legible.
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                    Thank you for your comment.

                    Yes, that is true. They need to stand out more.