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    Who knows the answer to my question?

      You should not need to know my system specs but I have both a Dual Core Pentium 4 at 3.4 GHZ with 1.5 GIG of RAM and a Core 2 Dual at 2.13 GHZ and 2 GIG of RAM. They both rock with Premiere Pro 1.0 and are both slugish with PP CS3. Is this normal for PP CS3? If I have PP 1.0 installed on the same system as PP CS3 should I get about the same amount of RT performance or should PP CS3 be much much worse than PP 1.0? I can not belive PP CS3 would be worse than PP 1.0 but perhaps it is. Not only do I not get the same amount of RT but the images look like crap. Has this been the experience with PP 1.0 users upgrading to CS3 or do I have a major problem.