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    Ripple delete broken? - Serious issue

      SO ive spent the last 2 weeks finalising a project up in preparation for mastering, and yesterday right before i exported it i dropped in a 2 sec. black video at the start of the timeline and then rippled everything back into place.

      Now, im half in this mess because i didnt check, and im half in this mess because something simple that SHOULD work every time DOESNT work.

      The end result after the ripple delete is that every single one of my transitions and audio crossfades disappeared from my 27 minute project (and there were a lot)

      From a brief browse of the internet it appears this problem has existed since PPRO1.5 and nothings been done about it.

      Seriously guys, you all get paid a ton of money to write the software, if something as simple as Ripple Delete is broken and can f**k my project if im not careful then REMOVE IT, Before some other poor soul accidentally loses 2 weeks work and looks like an idiot when they cant present the master to their client on time.

      Im off to spend the rest of my day putting disolves back in my project, i suggest you (adobe) spend yours and fix this ridiculous bug, lest you lose your market share to apples final cut.