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    Premiere CS3 AVI Problems!! (plz help)

      I'm using Adobe Premiere CS3 on my Computer and I'm trying to import this AVI footage-- Now the footage imports smoothly BUT when I put it on the timeline it shows grey/pixelated image. I can hear audio, but the video doesnt play properly. I've tried Downloading numerous codecs to fix it, but I'm not sure that's the issue...

      I can preview the AVI outside of Premiere using any media player and I can edit the same footage in After Effects..

      ALSO I have Adobe Premiere CS3 on my iMac and I can preview the SAME AVI file without having that pixelated problem like I do on my computer..

      I'm not sure what's up with my PC's version of Adobe Premiere CS3 or what.. **This particular AVI is a Panasonic DV Codec (i think) which I have.**

      This/These video(s) with that type of AVI just doesnt work with the timeline's preview whereas all the other video types work fine... (For example, I can take the footage into After Effects and export it as an AVI and THEN it plays with Premiere with slightly altered quality..)

      If anyone has some idea, let me know--