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    Premiere and memory!

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      Let's clear up once and for all the memory issue raised a while ago:

      I was told WINDOWS XP home edition can handle 2 G only while XP Pro can handle 4 G (Of which it only uses 3 G).

      Also I am told 2 X 2G runs faster than 4 X 1G.

      Finally, I understand Vista can handle up to 16 G but will run more slowly than XP. I am of course talking about rendering speeds in Premiere. Will Premiere even recognize more than 2G?

      Could people shed some light on what is and what is not correct. Thank you.

      Bonus question: What are the key reasons most people here still recomment to stay with XP rather than Vista.
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          shooternz Level 6
          Because XP works
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            All 32 bit desktop versions of XP and Vista have a physical limit of 4GB, except Starter Edition which has a limit of 512 MB. Of that 4, 2GB are normally reserved for programs, and 2GB for system resources. That can be changed with a user adjustment, but doing so may not always improve performance.

            I've seen no benchmarks that say 2 x 2 is better than 4 x 1. However, given the dual-channel memory access of DDR, it seems like 4 x 1 would be the preferred setup.

            Vista is generally benchmarking slower than XP, probably because it is so bloated.
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              WINDOWS XP home edition handles 4 gigs of RAM just fine...make sure you turn the 3 gig switch on.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                >make sure you turn the 3 gig switch on.

                That is the part that may or my not improve performance. It can in some cases actually slow things down, so use with caution.
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                  Where is that 3 gig switch? How many people who use XP and have 4 G's even know about the switch?
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                    Eddie Lotter Level 4

                    FAQ:Can Premiere Pro use 3GB of RAM?


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                      I just got 2 sticks of 1 gig to replace 2 sticks of 512...to upgrade to 4 gig from 3 gig....


                      guy at store said xp wont see more than 3.25 or something.....  internet articles are hazy on this...and ms also ...as pagefile is counted at mem and if I reach limit of 4 gig using pagefile I wont use the whole 4 gig ???  I am totally confused.


                      I have windows xp 32 bit but at store I also bought win 7....to go to 64 bit so I can see the whole 4 gig...

                      but thinking of the enormous ( ENORMOUS ) amount of work to start from scratch with installations of OS and programs has me literally cringing...


                      I got a new 2nd HD also today and I'm trying to decide what to do...can you suggest anything so xp can see the 4 gig and I can avoid the format and new OS and installing a zillion programs which would take more than a week to do ??





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                        Harm Millaard Level 7



                        XP does see all 4 GB of memory, it just reports it differently than Win7. If you do a search with my name you will find an article about it that explains it all.

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                          Hi, thanks for info...I found ( you had 16 pages of stuff ! ) memory management thread...and Bill had this thing about his system specs:


                          ( below )

                          Then you talk about xp "distracting" from the ram on video card...


                          and there was the info about having a switch turned on re: 3 gig by someone else, which might or might not help ...


                          I have 3 gig installed now and xp sees 3gig.   I suppose it's just wise at this point to install the new ram I bought ( 2 sticks of 1 gig to replace 2 sticks of 512 - adding 1 gig to ram in total ) and see what I can get.


                          Anything is better to try at this point than new OS and fresh install of everything...I would rather build completely new computer and do that...not just upgrade 1 gig and do that...


                          will also add new HD...


                          you said before that my pagefile should be a certain number x ram, and I forgot that number ...can you give again please ? I will change with install of new ram.





                          Windows XP 32bit

                          4GB RAM (Seen as only  2.6GB due to 32bit system+Hardwear)

                          Nvidia 9800GT X GPU

                          500GB  HDD 7200rpm

                          Intel Quad Core Processor


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                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            With that hard disk, I would go for a fixed size of 8 GB, but once created, do a boot time defrag of your disk, so the pagefile is not fragmented.

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                              OK...found something good on net...  will do with HD scratch disk size and defrag right away...




                              I'm hoping I see 3.5 gig ram out of 4 at this rate, considering my graphic card , though I have no idea what mem addresses it uses.


                              I will at least see the 800mhz instead of 667 and the CL rating is better etc..


                              I can use the new OS I bought today ( win 7 ) in the new machine I build ( God willing ) down the road....


                              At least I got a new HD for projects and the tutorials from Lydia's advanced ( preferences ) do suggest a performance boost when scratch disk etc is on another drive than the program disk....so hope it works.


                              Thanks again



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                                the_wine_snob Level 9



                                As far as performance is concerned, a 3x HDD setup is really about the minimum for video editing. The allocation would be similar to this:


                                C:\ OS, programs and probably/possibly the Page File**  (can be smaller but should be fastest)

                                D:\ Projects and Scratch Disks* (big and fast)

                                E:\ Media files (big and fast)


                                * many find that performance is enhanced, by moving the Page File to another HDD, but you should check performance with a common Project.


                                ** there might be some benefit in performance to have another HDD just for Scratch Disks, but that can make cleanup, after one competes a Project a bit more work.


                                Now, additional benefits can come from adding 3 more HDD's.


                                F:\ maybe your Scratch Disks here, but see above.

                                G:\ Audio Assets

                                H:\ Exported files


                                Factoring in various RAID configurations for maybe E:\ and H:\ could speed things up too.


                                Harm has a killer system (in my book), and judiciously uses RAID for appropriate discs.


                                Good luck,



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                                  I'm just moving now from having the c drive to adding the d drive. no raid.


                                  I hear what you're saying and I'm a long ways from having that...probably a

                                  year away....and I would take your earlier suggestions and go with the esata

                                  stuff I think...

                                  I looked at some firewire and dv and media card peripheral type stuff at the

                                  store today ( pci-e based ) and I really need to have another mobo to move

                                  up from where I am.


                                  I understand the basics of what you're saying and when I can build a

                                  computer ( have $$ for it ) I'll get back to this and ask more questions to

                                  lock it down more... OK?


                                  Thanks !


                                  The pagefile is still confusing me a bit...but I can deal with that

                                  later...I already set up as per Harm's suggestion on C drive and after

                                  installing D drive tomorrow I'll do the scratch disk first and check out

                                  more on pagefile info ....move as much as I can to the new drive...keep the

                                  OS and program files only on the C drive...C is only 1 /3 full, is pretty

                                  fast...should be OK?


                                  preferences tutorial for cs3 says basically scratch disk on other than c

                                  drive is very good...and project files, etc...  so I can do that with new



                                  I got an error mssg re: system ram during a crazy export attempt...it

                                  recovered Ok, but scared me...so that's why I am trying to squeeze more than

                                  3 gig out of XP....and got another drive.




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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    If you have only 2 physical HDD's (please do not set up any partitions!), and can work with eSATA HDD's, then you are getting close. Given that configuration, I would think about the above C:\ allocation, with one exception - look at placing the Page File on D:\ and then everything else on the eSATA external. This is similar to what I do, but for other reasons. I migrate Projects between computers, so I keep ALL aspects of my Project on my FW-800 externals. This is not the ideal, from a performance standpoint, but allows me to easily migrate everything, and then do my housekeeping on the Project. As I have stated elsewhere, if I were not so heavily invested in the FW-800 externals, I'd do the same with eSATA's, and will when I get around to ordering a new workstation. It will have eSATA (new externals to come), plus the FW-800 for the legacy stuff.


                                    Good luck with your new configuration,



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                                      When you had your xp machine ( saw your specs on forum) and 4 gig ram was

                                      that built by you or did machine come with 4 gig ram?




                                      I'm still trying to decide what to do...install win 7 or stay with xp for

                                      now.   doing win 7 would be a MAJOR MAJOR pain ....the time factor is

                                      staggering....all my programs to install....

                                      plus I dont know the OS....would have to learn so much new stuff re:

                                      navigation etc...  I want to stay with XP for now, but I don't want to have

                                      4 gig of ram that isnt being completely used....I have 3 gig now and am

                                      installing 4 gig.....and most info points me to think I will end up with a

                                      big part of the 4th gig not being used...



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                                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                                        Reread # 8.

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                                          Hi Harm,


                                          Number 8 ...would that be this?





                                          XP does see all 4 GB of memory, it  just reports it differently than Win7. If you do a search with my name  you will find an article about it that explains it all.







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                                            I have to say that this is starting to feel like a treasure hunt a little bit... is the dma ( dynamic memory addresses) of what windows OS does with addresses  - re: using mem -  OR is premiere able to SEE the ram and use it despite what the shell ( GUI ) called WINDOWS is reporting?


                                            I got the ram and new drive installed, formatted, and made the pagefile on the new drive...1.5 times the ram ( this was a little confusing cause I don't know it the ram is 4 gig ( bios see 4 ) or 3.25 gig ( what windows "reports" ).  heh...so I made the min. what windows suggested and max 6000mb.


                                            no pagefile on boot disk ( C: drive ).