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    Crashing when exporting to MP2

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      26 hours of HD footage captured from Canon XH-A1. My system/project specs are:
      - Intel Quad Core Q6600 2.4Ghz CPU
      - 2Gb RAM
      - 4 X 500gb SATA 2 Drives
      - At least 80 GIGS of head room on each drive
      - Windows XP
      - 25P
      - Project located on C:
      - Media Cache files located on D:
      - Project video files located on K:

      I am trying to export my 96 minute project to XP 2. It generally reaches Phase 2, but then either:

      a) Crashes with generic error message "has encountered and error and will have to shut down"
      b) Shuts down without an error message
      c) Freezes

      I have spent literally days of my life waiting around for this, and yes it has reaches as far as 80% on phase 2 (which took approximately 7 hours or so to occur) and then the program crashes.

      Any suggestions? I have made a new account for Windows hoping this may help.