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    MPEG Video Import Issues (Not Trial)

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      Hi Everyone,

      I am fairly new to PP CS3. Up until recently I have been using basic Video Editing tools. I have decided since I like video editing so much, that I am going to try and go into it full force. So I bought my friends copy of CS3 Master suite off of him (because his company bought him two licenses and he only needs one so I got it cheap) and away I go.

      So, with that in mind. Please be patient if I sound like noob because I am. I am a system admin, but when it comes to this stuff, I know very little compared to most of you I am sure.

      Right now I am just doing something really basic to get my feet wet. I have imported a bunch of Kids shows I recorded using my Media Center PC and want to make a compilation of just the musical scenes for my little girl. I have done this type of stuff with Pinnacle in the past but I seem to running into a weird issue.

      The video's are a standard MPEG 2 DVD compliant format. The capture card I use is a Hauppauge PVR 150 so it does the hardware encoding on the board.

      If I watch these files on my TV or in Media Player Classic/WMP/VLC they all look fine. The minute I view them in PP CS3 they get this weird distortion. It looks like digital artifacts from say a bad digital cable stream, except it is all colorful and such. Dare I say the "Technicolor rainbow" :)

      I thought at first that maybe it was just because the preview is a lower quality. So I did a small amount of editing and exported the video. After watching the exported video, the weird distortion IS there. So I am not sure what to do about this. I did see one post on the forums that suggested simply changing the file extension to AVI might help. I did this and odly enough, it did fix the video issue, but then the sound was completely out of synch.

      I have looked around the forums and seem some references to MPEG file issues but none seem to describe the issue I am having and most seemed related to trial versions of the software not having the MPEG codec licensed. That would not be my situation.

      Just as a last note. I know that MPEG files are highly compressed and are usually and especially in the case of DVD's the final product not meant for further editing. However, in this case I am just cutting sections out so I didn't think there would be an issue. Also, as I mentioned above, I have done this without issue on Pinnacle.

      If anyone has any suggestions. I would appreciate it.

      Thanks again.
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          It sounds like it could be a CODEC issue. I'd start by getting a bit of freeware, G-Spot, http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ and installing it. Run your MPEG-2 in G-Spot and see what it says about it. Your capture card could be doing the compression in a CODEC that PP does not work nicely with, or that it does not/can not access on your system. G-Spot will give you the CODEC used/required. Also, it will render the file with just a few mouse clicks and you can view it, with audio, in G-Spots viewer. How does it look there, just like in WMP?

          I assume that you are doing all of the work on the same computer, right? If so, any CODEC available to WMP (and G-Spot) *should* be accessible to PP.

          Actually doing a "conversion" to AVI would be better than just chaning the extension of the file. The Premiere-pedia has a full set of FAQs on file conversions. Eddie Lotter, the "gate-keeper" of the pedia offers this link:
          http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ%3aHow_do_I_import_%E2%80%9Cxyz%E2%80%9D_format_files %3F
          Hope that the forum does not truncate the URL.

          As for sync issues, if the Audio & Video are out of sync by a constant amount, you can alt-click on the Audio and adjust it, until the sync comes in. You will want to Zoom the Timeline and also turn off the "Snap" feature, when you begin adjusting the sync. Find a point that is pretty obvious, like a sound that has a distinct visual associated with it. Dialog can be used, if the visual is shot tight enough to see the actor's lips. Do this BEFORE you do any cutting of the Clip. Once you have matched the sync, then you can cut and all should stay the same. However you should not have to do this, if your file is something that PP can play with. PP likes DV-AVI footage, that one shoots with a DV tape camera best, but should work with what you have, to a lesser degree.

          Doing VHS captures to PP on my system (Turtle Beach A-D card) yields an 8 frame sync issue, that I have never cleared up. However, with the above syncing technique, it edits fine. These captures are done AVI uncompressed, but the sync problem exists with all of the possible formats from the TB card. Some day, I need to address this problem, rather than just do the workaround.

          As for the exact distortion, that you describe, I have not seen that, but maybe others have and can tell you that I'm full-of-it, but give you a fix. Hey, that's all that's important, right? Believe them.

          You might want to go up a level in the hierarchy of this forum (to get ALL versions of Premiere) and do a search for "MPEG + distortion," and similar, to see if someone else has had this problem. The Premiere-pedia is another good source of info too, though its "search" is not as good. I often find that Google does a better job, searching the P-pedia. Premiere-pedia:

          Good luck,
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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            It is precisely for this reason that experienced users will tell you not to use MPEG (especially DVD MPEG) files as source material.

            See FAQ: How do I import xyz format files?
            And also FAQ: How do I import VOB files / edit a DVD?


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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              >I have imported a bunch of Kids shows I recorded using my Media Center PC

              There's the problem. Premiere works best with video you shot yourself using a DV camera. For this kind of editing, Premiere Elements is the better choice. Or stick with Pinnacle.
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                Thanks for the info. I don't intend to do this type of editing with PP all that often. Or perhaps I should say I didn't intend to use it all that often.

                I guess I will just use Jim's advice. I will use Pinnacle for this type of stuff and PP for the actual editing I intended to do. It just seems odd that a lower grade software bundle will let me do it but with PP it is a pain. I know they are targeted towards different uses but you would think somewhere along the way, even professionals would need to grab some footage form already compressed material.

                Thanks again for all the help.
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                  Phil Griffith Level 2
                  Occasionally, I do. but I usally bring it into elements and convert to dv avi-2.
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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    Same here. Irregular formats are converted outside of Premiere first.
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Because of the "downward" limitations of PP, I just picked up a copy of Premiere Elements. I get just enough calls for that sort of stuff to make the $ (seems about US$70) and the time to learn PE worthwhile.

                      If you have Pinnacle Studio, I'd continue to use that. I have Studio 7 through 10, but would rather buy/install PE on my laptop, than go back to any version of Studio. I felt that 9.4.3 was the only stable version, but YMMV.

                      Now, to practice and learn PP, you might want to shoot some DV tape footage and Capture it into PP. Reading and tutorials are great, but "doing" is often the best.

                      Once you learn the interface (quite easy, really), and some ways that PP does things (Eddie's tutorial link will get you going), you'll see that it is not totally unlike Studio, just far more robust and much more stable (IMO). Once you use PP and feed it the right stuff, I fear that you'll never go back to the "dark side" again...

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8
                        >Reading and tutorials are great, but "doing" is often the best.

                        Just make sure to keep them in that order - read, then do.
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                          shooternz Level 6
                          >Just make sure to keep them in that order - read, then do.

                          That is a violation of 'Life Rules for Men'
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                            Jim_Simon Level 8
                            Yes, I suppose it is...
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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              I agree with you. While it is not great literature, the manual is there for more than to add shipping weight. Now, I am a reader, and it is one of the main aspects of my learning. Doing it, the other. My wife is much better with watching, then doing, with reading a distant third. Since she's a very successful CEO with multiple degrees, I can't really argue with how she learns - it works for her. I dobut that she's ever turned a page in any sort of computer manual, in her life. However, if I show her, then she does it, it all sinks in. She is the poster-child for tutorials, while I put those near the bottom of my learning style.

                              I always fly with a briefcase full of the latest software manuals. I'm still trying to get my mind around AE, but the reading phase is almost done, and doing phase about to begin. Then I can pester the folk in that forum.

                              When people ask for good books on PS, in that forum, I start with the manual, Help, then go on to make a few recs., based on what they want to do in PS, and on the background, from which they are approaching the program.

                              This, and other forums, are also great for learning. I just got to erase all of the "red flags," from the Encore forum, except for "Subtitles," and "Mac Errors," and I'm 80% on my way to finishing Subtitles, though I've never used them.

                              Like Craig says (I know that he was making quite the joke there, but it holds truth), some are not into reading as their main learning tool. They'd rather just start doing and use other means, when they hit a snag, i.e. tutorials, then reading, either here or from a book.

                              It's different strokes... and good teachers need to realize the differences and find a way to help each "student" learn the lessons best.

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                                Jim_Simon Level 8
                                >My wife is much better with watching, then doing...

                                Either way works. The idea is to first learn, then do.
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                                  Lockwood Media Group Level 1

                                  Hi Kyle,


                                  I am having similar issues with a Hauppauge HVR-1950.  Did you ever find a solution to this problem?  Thanks!


                                  -Alan Lockwood

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    What you continue to overlook is that different people learn by different methods and tracks. You relate everything to how you do it, and always fail to realize that others might do it differently. This is myopia on your part, IMO. I highly doubt that you are qualified as an educator to comment, beyond your personal experience. To tell all others that your method is the only means, is very short-sighted and possibly ill-informed.


                                    Personally, I feel that your education mantra is wearing a bit thin. What works for you, might not work for someone else. Your denial of this does not change things one iota.


                                    Just out of curiosity, how many college-level classes have you taught? How many semesters of post-graduate educational courses have you had?


                                    Exactly what are your credentials for you to espouse how all humans learn?


                                    I'm just a bit unclear on a few of the points that you always make. Can you edify me on these?