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    miniDV LP Mode Headaches

    Webshark2000 Level 1
      We have four different devices (3 cameras and one deck) that can play back miniDVs here in the studio and yet, not a single one of them can play back miniDV tapes that clients have recorded in LP mode.

      Now before you get onto me about how stupid it is to record in LP mode, let me make it clear that clients bring in tapes that they've recorded in this mode, not us. We have a JVC BR-DV600U deck that we use for most of our miniDV standard def capturing, but after a few seconds of playback it will come up with an "LP Inhibit" message and stop playing. We have a Sony DCR-VX1000 that will play them back, but at the wrong speed, so that everything is sped up.

      Can anyone tell me some specific camcorders or decks that can play back miniDV tapes recorded in LP mode? We're just looking for something inexpensive because this is mostly for transfer jobs that are a very small part of our company's revenue anyway.

      I had heard that different camera brands record LP mode differently, so if you have (for example) a Sony camcorder that records a tape in LP mode, it may not play back in a JVC camcorder, etc. Is this true?

      Thanks a million.