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    DVCPRO25 and Premiere Pro

      What's the solution to acquiring DVCPRO25 material over Firewire in Premiere Pro (any version/any platform)?

      We have a Panasonic AJ-HD1400 deck (DVCPRO100) that'll play pretty much any DV format, BUT, when I try to acquire DVCPRO footage from it. Premiere's capture window says "Device offline".

      I can acquire DVCAM and DV footage from our numerous Sony decks, but not DVCPRO footage from our one and only DVCPRO deck.

      And, our one Sony DSR-2000A deck that can playback DVCPRO footage won't output DVCPRO video thru it's Firewire port.

      So, the only way we can acquire DVCPRO footage is via SDI or HD-SDI. You may ask, "So what's the big deal, then?"

      The answer to that is only a small handful of our workstations are capable of ingesting an SDI or HD-SDI signal. The rest are Firewire workstations.

      I've read somewhere that the DVCPRO spec is different than the DV and DVCAM spec as it relates to IEEE 1394. Is this the issue? Are only certain hardware configurations able to utilize a DVCPRO signal thru Firewire (i.e., a Mac running Final Cut Pro)?

      It should be noted that this happens on my XP workstation with Premiere Pro CS3 as well as a OSX (Mac) workstation with PPro CS3. Our XP workstations feature the AJA Xena video cards.


      PS, Here's an interesting chart for the AJ-HD1400 deck that I'm having trouble interpreting. From what I see, the only system that's Firewire-compatible with this deck is a Matrox Axio LE 2.5 build 2722, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 HP XW8200, Xeon 3.4GHz, 3.25GB-RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2.