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    how well does premiere work with the Canon XH-A1?

      I've used premiere for some time now, but the older 6.01/6.5 version. I finally bought a camera based on what folks were saying of the camera, and naively believing "they're all the same when it comes to capture" -- i.e., firewire is firewire, so it's a no brainer.

      The camera I bought was the Canon XHA1, and from what I see from a couple of posts, it sounds like Adobe and Canon are far from bed-partners...

      I downloaded the trial version /specifically/ to test HD capture with the camera before I spent the big $$$ on the upgrade, but it seems the -one- feature I wanted to actually test has been disabled from the trial, which makes it rather worthless for me.

      What I'm curios about is what format the capture takes -- previously, with 6.0 and a DV camcorder, I would capture in "raw" format and the system saved them to disk as .AVI files. With the Canon and a "competitive product", capturing HD creates a multitude of files -- separate audio files, a video file in some obscure format, a "scene" file or index indicating where the cut-points are or should be in the overall video, etc.

      Honestly, I prefer the single file format for media, especially if I preview the entire tape and make a batch-capture list -- makes it easy to deal with "archiving" the captured media later on...