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    GPU Accelerated transcoding

      I'm thinking about getting a new graphic-card, and i set my eyes on those two: Nvidia's Gerforce8800gt and Ati's Radeon HD4850.
      I thought i'll buy the 8800gt because of it's CUDA support, and when the RapiHD will be released it could make some miracles (so i hope), with much better rendering and transcoding times.
      But when i read about Radeon HD4850 i found out that this card also supports a GPU Accelerated transcoding, but i didn't find any other information about it (the AVIVO converter is poor and doesn't really help me with rendering when i edit my HDV projects).

      Does someone has a clue for me...? :)
      Would Radeon will work perfecly with Premiere CS3? or should i wait for the RapiHD and take the Geforce?