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    RS-232 Control of a Sony UVW-1400A

    Colin Brougham Level 6
      I'm trying to figure out the best way to provide deck control of a Sony UVW-1400A (Betacam SP) with my PPro 3.2 system. I have installed an older Blackmagic Designs Decklink SP card (non-PCIe version) for analog component ingest; the card also offers built-in RS-422 control on a 9-pin connector. The 1400A does not offer RS-422 control, unfortunately; instead, it has 25-pin RS-232 control. I know RS-232 control isn't frame accurate like RS-422, but it will suffice for my needs. So, I've got a few questions to get this working:

      1) Is there a recommended 422-to-232 hardware converter that will allow me to interface with the 1400A?

      2) Does PPro offer built-in RS-232 control? I'm getting mixed info about this; the help file seems to indicate that it's there, but other information I've found online suggests that I need the ProVTR plugin. What's the true story?

      3) If RS-232 control is indeed built-in, can I simply cable from my computer's COM port (I've got an HP xw6400, and it has a 9-pin COM port running at the RS-232 protocol) to the UVW-1400A? Obviously, I would need a 9-to-25 cable here, if this would work.

      4) Any other possible solutions (beyond getting an 1800 deck or something)?

      I'm not going to be dumping to the Beta deck, but instead will be ingesting a multitude of camera tapes (400-500) that are, fortunately, already logged. This is a large documentary project. I'm hoping to create batch lists from the producer's logs, and at least get close with the captured media to hopefully ease the ingest process. Workflow tips are also welcome!

      Thank you in advance...