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    Best Video Card for Editing and Rendering?

      I bet this topic has been discussed at length, but doing a search for "best video card" did not give me the results I need. I am working with the latest version of Magic Bullet Movie Looks and started to notice artifacts in rendered video; flashes, black/white lines and complete boxes in the final frame. I contacted Red Giant, and they informed me my Quadro FX 1500 is not a "supported" card and is most likely the cause of these artifacts. Strange, as Movie Looks had Quadro FX 1300 and up as listed on their web site as compatible - but I digress. My question is, what video card do YOU like for PPRO CS3 AND AE? Movie Looks, like many other programs, rely on the video GPU to render their output - what has been fastest for you, and NOT caused issues with the rest of the system? I use video overlay (as part of Nvidia's Dual View) to edit the Program ouput on a separate monitor and also need this functionality as well - can't live without it! Thanks for your answers.

      System Specs:

      Dual core Dual processor Woodcrest
      6GB RAM
      2 TB RAID HD
      Current Card: PNY NVidia Quadro FX 1500