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    Exporting separated audio channels for broadcasters

      Someone pls help, I'm pulling out my hair (the last of it...) :)

      A broadcaster in Europe wants to receive a master format with M&E separated tracks(on hard drive) of several programs we've produced . All these original edits are online and can be edited / changed.

      Voice overs are recorded in Mono and the Music Track is in Stereo. We usually throw these sound tracks on Audio 1, 2 or 3...

      Is there a way to export a PAL DV file with two separate tracks (not just left and right), but 2 X stereo or 2 X mono? One for voice and music so the broadcaster can include his own voice translation without affecting the volume control of the music track?

      Just to make matters more interesting our original format is in HDV NTSC and they want it mastered to Quicktime PAL DV... but that's another story :)

      Thank you in advance for any input and guidance.