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    Setting up file system on external drives

      I posted this in the Mac forum but see now
      it probably belongs here.

      Please evaluate this plan before I execute it:

      Using Adobe Premiere:

      I have two external drives, both partitioned.
      External A will back up data permanently, and not be erased.
      External B (partitioned) will receive the original data on
      partition one (100G) and handle all the working project data
      on partition two (400G)
      Once once the project is complete, that information gets
      backed up.

      I will create a folder called Adobe on drive A and transfer
      all data to it, right through to the Auto-Save folder. Then I
      will dump the Adobe file off the internal drive. The Adobe
      file currently resides in My Documents on the internal drive.

      Does this make sense? Or is there another recommended
      configuration I shoud know about? I have limited experience
      with the program and don't really have a handle on the
      paths. I am concerned that if I establish new pathways,
      Adobe might get confused, although so far it appears
      to be a lot smarter than I am. I don't see the chance
      of this plan doing damage that can't be repaired. Can't
      find diagrams online. Must be standard question for

      Thanks for any input.

      Ed Shaw