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    problems with 16:9 export

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      I add .mpg files to the Sequence with following parameters:
      Image Size: 720 x 576
      Pixel Depth: 720
      Frame Rate: 25,00
      Total Duration: 00:01:26:10
      Average Data Rate: 957 KB / second
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1,422 (1,422)
      Then I add fiel to timeline and try to export it to a movie with following settings:
      File Type: Microsoft DV AVI
      Compressor: DV AVI
      Frame Size: 720x576 16:9
      Frame Rate: 25,00 fps
      Pixel Aspet Ratio: D1/DV PAL Widescreen 16:9 (1.422)
      In result I get an .avi file which is in fatc is 4:3 and the picture is streched vertically....

      I tried to make it render in 16:9 but with no luck...

      Please help me to make Premiere CS3 export the sequence to a movie in .avi but in 16:9...

      Thank you.