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    Improve AVCHD Performance with AVCHD UpShift

    Jim_Simon Level 8
      "AVCHD UpShift easily converts AVCHD (.mts) files into high quality HDV (.m2t) files, compatible with HD enabled video editors on the PC platform. Additionally, users can batch convert AVCHD files directly from the MSPD, CF, SDHC, CF cards, or DVD/HDD-based camcorder storage."

      AVCHD UpShift

      My own personal comment is that perhaps "UpShift" maybe isn't the best name. To me it suggests an improvement of quality, which would not be the case. AVCHD can record the entire HD raster - 1920 x 1080. Whereas HDV is limited to 1440 x 1080, so there is actually a "DownShift" in quality.

      But, for those lamenting the extinction of the Elecard converter, this may be just the thing.