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    Flash video export to use in premiere, issues

      I am working on a project who's intended finished location will be youtube- 4:3 aspect, 320x240. It involves taking an animation produced in flash, editing it in premiere, then saving as a final file

      since my aspect ratio is 4:3, I made my .fla file 500x375 pixels. 30 fps. I then exported the video in quicktime in 'Animation' mode, 30 fps. I can only assume that this exports as a square pixel ratio?

      I created a new project in premiere. Desktop Mode, 30fps, 500x375, square pixels. However, when I import the flash video (.mov exported from flash, not .flv) it over-extends the edges of my premiere stage. I also tried making a premiere project in .9 NTSC pixel ratio, same other settings, but the problem was even more pronounced.

      Any help on the correct settings to use? for either side?