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    good APPCS3 with AECS3 workflow ? huffyuv codec problem

      Dear readers,

      I have problem, first here is my workflow :
      1. Rough cut PAL-DV footage in APPCS3 with DV-PAL proj setting.
      2. Copy clips needed to have some effect
      3. Paste to AECS3 - put some effect
      4. Render in AECS3 with huffyuv - say : xxx.avi
      5. Bring the rendered file to APPCS3 - put in the timeline
      6. Hit the space bar on my keyboard
      7. The monitor give the preview of this xxx.avi
      (play a bit stuttering though)
      8. Do some other editings
      9. Wants to preview again which start from the xxx.avi
      10. The audio played, but the video freeze.
      11. Scrub with mouse on the timeline, xxx.avi play well
      12. Push the left arrow on keyboard, xxx.avi play well
      13. Hit the enter...no luck...video still freeze,
      the red needle move - audio played.
      and if I hit enter again (to stop), then the video image refresh
      to the frame where / when I hit the the spacebar to stop.

      there is no problem if I final-render in AE
      uncompress or with other compression but huffyuv.
      And the strange thing is, it doesn't happen
      to all the files I render in AE with huffyuv but +/-50% from all files.

      I've tried these to fix the problem with no luck :
      1. General preference > optimize for either memory or performance
      2. Delete the xxx.avi file in the project save APP, close it,
      open back then put xxx.avi back in the timeline
      3. Either create a new Seq in the same project or make a new project
      then put xxx.avi on the timeline
      4. Change media cache,
      and all the possible combination on the preferences
      5. Make a new project in desktop editing mode - MicrosoftWindowsAVI
      with video rendering huffyuv codec, put xxx.avi in the timeline
      NO LUCK.

      Then tried a fool-guess... I delete the xxx.avi in the APP project
      rename the xxx.avi to zzz.avi then put the zzz.avi on the timeline
      hit spacebar...then it plays well.... but
      in "unpredictable" length of time after editing other clips
      this file freeze again, so I just do the fool-guess solution
      every time it freeze.

      Yes I know I can just hit enter to make the preview file
      but I think this is not the solution for my problem.

      what is going here ?
      I hope somebody can help.

      Also I need to know why in desktop editing mode - MicrosoftWindowsAVI
      with video rendering huffyuv codec, it still have a red bar
      when I put a rendered huffyuv avi file in the timeline ?
      It didn't happen when long time ago when I still use AP65.

      my rig : Gygabite P35 - E4400 - 8500GT - 2gig RAM - 160gb HD

      Anykind of respond will be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you in advanced.