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    A List of Issues and Problems in CS3

      I've been logging concerns I have with CS3 over the course of a few edit sessions. I'll list them and see if anyone has any solutions or ways to make these quarks a little more tolerable. (I'm coming from Pro 1.5 into CS3)

      My Current Configuration:
      Dual socket Xeon Quad-cores (8 cores total)
      4GB memory
      1TB storage drive
      Nvidia Quadro FX4600

      b 1. Can't scroll ahead on timeline when playing the timeline
      It used to be that I could advance my view forward or backwards while the timeline is played. Now it snaps back if I try to scroll outside the area currently playing back.

      b 2. No XDCAM EX Export
      I haven't found an adequate HD export at all in CS3. Does everyone just export uncompressed AVIs when they want to move to AE or Encore? Even a HDV export would be nice, but I don't see that either.

      b 3. Major Memory Issues
      I setup two static PSD files on top of a BMP without any effects or motion settings. Memory warnings came up stating memory was low. Looked at my stats in the Task Manager and I was running ~500MB of a Page File and ~2GB of used memory. Very odd. Set the memory settings in Premiere from performance to memory and it didn't help...

      b 4. Title Window Doesn't Hold Panel Positions
      Each time I open the title window, the configuration is different; the toolbars are usually squished off to one side of the window. Even after resizing these panels and closing the titler, it comes back with a different configuration.

      b 5. Title Window is Slow to respond
      I feel like I'm running Premiere's titler on an old Pentium when I go to add or change text. It lags so much, as if the processors are pegged out, but the computer isn't crunching anything. The processors don't even flinch at this process, yet the titler is furiously sluggish.

      b 6. Resize Program / Source Windows
      The scroll bars stay even when the enitre image at 100% is seen. Tons of gray area around the source window, but it still let's me scroll up/down/left/right... nothing there buy gray void. Why the scroll bars??

      b 7. STILL no batch render
      I've been wanting this feature back since v6.5. It was very handy to render out multiple projects unmanned using the Batch render. Why can't we have this in CS3?

      b 8. AfterEffects doesn't have support for XDCAM...
      I'm off topic a touch, but it does make one wonder how to transpose a XDCAM project from Premiere CS3 into AE CS3 when it doesn't have the ability to support it.

      Well, that's my rant. Any help in any portion of these blunders would be great. You don't have to respond to all of them, just reference the bullet numbers of interest and let's have a discussion.