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    Lighting effects display bad on some Blu Ray

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      I authored my latest 1080i project using CS3 and Cineform Aspect to edit and Encore to Burn the Blu Ray. I used the lighting effect throughout the video, specifically the omni light to brighten part of the image. The lighting effect looks fluid and natural on my computer and on my Samsung P1795W 17 inch 720p TV and on my Infocus Screenplay 5000 720p projector playing from a Sony PS3. I noticed something wierd with the lighting effect when I went over to my parents to check it out on their 52 inch 1080p Sony KDL-52W3000 playing from a Sony Blu Ray player - not sure which one. Instead of it looking fluid and natural it was like an abvious circle with 4 or 5 harsh gradients almost like the TV was set to display fewer colors than it should. I looked through settings on the TV but couldn't come up with anything. I don't know if it's that TV model or what, I don't want to produce content that is ever displayed like that. Anybody have any thoughts?