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    Will it be OK, install APPCS3 together with AP65 in one system ?

      Dear readers,

      for some reason, I'd like to install AP65 too
      within my system which already had APPCS3.

      One of the reason is, APPCS3 won't export back
      my huffyuv avi footage generated by AE to huffyuv AVI file,
      while AP65 did even without recompression.

      I'm sure I can't do the restore point in XP, before install AP65
      because it happened a few months ago
      once I go back to the restore point, APPCS3 will acting weird
      which resulted me to have reformatted HD & re-install XP then APCS3.

      Before I do it, I'd like to get some opinion/ideas
      whether it will cause conflict or not to the APPCS3 ?

      Anykind of respond would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you in advanced.